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This was a lucky find at the estate sale of the house used in the 2005 remake of the Amityville Horror in Salem, WI. This is verifiable on the internet that an estate sale was held there in May of 2017. I acquired this from a lady who attended the sale, and also owns an antique shop in a neighboring town, Antioch, IL. She did offer to provide a signed letter of authenticity that she was the one who acquired it, but I have since moved to another state and lost touch with her. The sale was set up so that only a small amount of interested buyers could be inside the home at one time. She found this authentic old corset hidden and/or forgotten, between 2 blankets in the home. I have no idea if it was original to the house, or it was left behind by the movie people, but I doubt that is the reason, I don't know for sure if they used vintage clothing in the movie. In any case, it's a neat find, one with a mysterious history, who knows why it was there? Perhaps the original owners? That's the more likely scenario. Here is a snippet taken from the article on the internet that describes the home and it's age: "The house, known as Oakwood Manor is a massive 3,548-square-foot Queen Anne built circa 1880 includes six bedrooms, two bathrooms, original wood staircase, an enclosed wrap-around porch, a one-lane bowling alley in a separate building on the property, 500 feet of lakefront property on Silver Lake, and a boathouse and gazebo overlooking the lake." The corset is made by Nemo, tag reads "Original Model". There are 20 stays, intact, 6 garters, lacing up the back, extra flap/panel probably used for more tummy control. The flaws are shown in the collage photo. Some marks throughout, definitely not a brand new piece, but one with the coolest backstory! The garters need the attaching button pieces as you can see, but the loops are intact and nicely preserved. The front has a few black marks & a bit of pilling or rubbing on the fabric, as does the back on the section shown, near the center by the lacing. There is a hole on the back as well, only on one side of where a stay is placed. See photo. When laid flat, it measures 29-30" maximum across the top, 34" across the center and the opening would be 36". The length down the side is 15". There is no stretch to this corset, please pay close attention to the measurements given.

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Price: 250.00