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Just stunning, this necklace is a show stopper in person, my photos just don't knock your socks off like it will when it's around your neck! The color is a brilliant aquamarine blue, accented with clear rhinestones. There are many focal points here, the center front being the tear drop shaped stones. The chain is made of clear rhinestones, the clasp is a lobster style. There is an extension on the chain that is 4" - with this you can adjust the length. Measured from one end to the other, with the extension, it is 18", shortened length is 14", I have photographed both. It's not quite a choker, but close enough! The metal pieces that actually hold the body of the necklace together are all in great shape, one has come undone, as pictured. It's not broken, it can be locked back into place. I tried to gently do so, but I didn't want to mess with it so I left it alone. As you can see, if you choose NOT to lock it back in, it won't matter a bit. All stones intact, ready to turn some heads! This is a rich looking piece of vintage jewelry, not sure of the age, but I'm suspecting it's more modern with a mid century look. I found this as reference: "Although it has predecessors dating back to 1959 and 1976, the modern lobster claw clasp we know today wasn't patented until 1996. So, while a piece of jewelry may have that vintage look and feel, if it's sporting a lobster claw clasp, it's actually a more recent creation!"

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Price: 115.00