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This is a truly beautiful new/old stock satin bra with a brocade finish, as you can see. So soft, lightweight and very flattering. Obviously no pads or underwire, has a lower cup contrasting blue/gray colored stitch going horizontally. The straps are not adjustable, rear closure is a hook that fastens into the folds of the cloth, much more comfortable than the standard hook & eye. The condition is lovely, I don't see any apparent issues except a tiny pinhole where a store tag may have been on the back of one strap (see photo). It is not uncommon for dead stock pieces to have a small storage spot or two. I didn't see any to speak of, so if there are any, they are extremely minor. Tagged only as a size 36, I did measure the cups as well, you decide on your size. The cups are 7.5" across and 6" top to bottom, measured across the curve of the cup. I'm going to guess a B, possible snug C. My mannequin is a B cup, just for perspective. These items come from the liquidation of a small family store that closed in the 1980's, after having operated since the early 1900's, by immigrants from Germany. I received these items from the great-great granddaughter of the store's founders, who discovered this treasure trove of never-worn new vintage lingerie sealed in boxes in her parents house, where they'd been saved since the closing of the store in the 1980's. Most of the items are believed to be from the 1930's-1940's.

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Price: 95.00