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Definitely a piece that I would not be surprised to see hanging in an exhibit or museum. I am not well versed in the area of 1800's lingerie, but I do believe this to be a nightgown, much too revealing and sheer for outwear. Most certainly worn by a lady of means, wealthy and able to purchase silk accented lingerie. The piece itself is extremely light and the sheer netting is so very fragile. I purposely did not measure this because I really do not want to disturb the bodice. The lace trim along the neckline is amazing in detail, as is the design overall. The most impressive thing is the skirting, it's in absolutely amazing condition! Whereas the bodice shows tears and damage, the skirting with the horizontal strips of French silk has survived virtually unharmed, it's really unbelievable. My mannequin measures for a 36" bust, so that gives you an idea of the size up top. If you need specific measurements, I will oblige, but I won't stretch or manipulate this garment too much. I just imagine it hanging in a glass case somewhere and all the ooo's and ahhh's from the people who will view it. Love it! INTERNATIONAL BUYERS - PLEASE NOTE - THE SHIPPING CHARGE LISTED IS AN ESTIMATE - THIS ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED ONLY TO COUNTRIES WHERE THE PACKAGE CAN BE TRACKED WITH USPS TRACKING INFORMATION. PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR A SHIPPING/HANDLING PRICE BEFORE MAKING THE PURCHASE. POSTAGE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE DEPENDING ON THE COUNTRY BEING SHIPPED TO. YOU MAY RECEIVE A REFUND FOR SHIPPING OVERCHARGES OR AN ADDITIONAL INVOICE FOR BALANCE IF POSTAGE IS MORE THAN QUOTED.

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