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Vintage Early 1900's Yellow Silk & Green Fringe Flowing Large Piano Shawl.....I acquired this from a lady who had it displayed in her home for years and just decided to part with it. She told me that it is silk, she even wore it over her shoulders at times, it's that nice. According to her it is early 1910-20's or perhaps even older, , called a piano shawl. These were used to decorate baby grand pianos. They served the practical purpose of saving the piano from nicks and scratches, almost always made from heavier silk. I found more information online: "They became quite popular in the Victorian era when having a piano in one's parlor was considered to be at the height of sophistication. In addition to serving as a decoration, the piano shawl has also been incorporated into women's fashion. Just as a shawl drapes beautifully on a baby grand, it hangs exquisitely on a woman's body. When piano shawls are worn as garments, they are generally used as accessories to evening wear. They can be worn over gowns or even cocktail dresses. Furthermore, they offer a nice amount of warmth and can be used as a very fashionable alternative to a coat." It is in wonderful condition, a rare treat to find these anymore! I did my best to straighten the fringe, I will leave that task to the new owner. I only see a stain or discoloration on one section of the fringe as pictured. It measures 44" x 48", add a full 19" more for the fringe.

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