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I am so tempted to put a label on this dress that dates it to the late 1800's, but I'm not completely sure, so I'm calling this a flapper era dress. It's a stiffer fabric, with a built in silk ribbon around the waist and silk flowers at the waist as well. The short sleeves are double tiered and the dress itself is tiered with ruffles on the front. It is quite petite, no tag present. The only apparent issue is the stains on the left sleeve. In all honesty, it appears to be blood. I could be completely wrong, but I will let the buyer take care of it as they see fit. In any event, there is aging discoloration in general, as you can see, but overall, it's really in great shape. The stains (if they are blood), should be easy to remove, peroxide or Oxy Clean should help, but be gentle, this is a 100+ year old dress. Besides the discoloration, I'm calling this museum quality! Bust is 30", waist 29", hips are free fitting and the length is 42". Please, if you're going to be wearing this garment, keep in mind that there is no stretch or wiggle room to the fabric. Know your measurements, being sold as found, no returns.

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Price: 125.00