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This is something I have not been lucky enough to come across before, in all the time I've been selling vintage. Something lovely to accessorize and adorn your vintage cardigan (which I have for sale as well), a lovely rhinestone sweater pin chain. I have to say, when I acquired this, the lady who sold it to me was adamant that it was vintage. I have examined and re-examined it, it just doesn't really look authentically vintage to me. Definitely vintage style. But the chain and pin closure look more modern. In any case, it's a sweater pin set, one piece, will look beautiful on your vintage sweater. I'm going to take her word that it's vintage, but I want to be honest to my buyers, this is just my opinion. It measures 7.25" when stretched out and laid flat. No stones are missing, it is really cute!

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Price: 19.00