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Made in the 1930's by the Ingraham Clock Company out of Bristol, Connecticut, this is such an attractive time piece. The company was founded in the 1800's but didn't start making electric alarm clocks until the 1930's. I've searched for a photo of this clock to see if I could find out more about it but haven't had any success. I do know that the design is typical of the era, I really think it's neat! I plugged it in and you can hear the motor run. The alarm knob does turn the alarm setting on the front and the hour hand also turns with the knob on the back, the minute hand is loose and doesn't turn. I'm sure a vintage clock restoration shop could get it running nicely. I would personally use it as a decorative/conversation piece, it's really that cool. My kids have played a video game called Bioshock and this certainly reminds me of the theme of that game, I was tempted to keep it! The measurements are 6.5" wide by 5.75" tall by 1.5" deep. If you have any questions, please let me know - I am pretty confident that you won't regret purchasing this awesome clock :)

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Price: 115.00